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We help our customers by first listening to their needs and requirements and then we help them in determining the best fit for their needs and future anticipated needs. We also provide demonstrations of the systems both remotely at the comfort of your office or if you would like to “kick the tires” we also encourage our customers to come to our facility for a better understanding of the system they want to buy. We don’t stop there; we also provide telephone support as needed and do onsite installations and service calls if necessary.

VLS Desktops

The VLS Desktop is a great option for beginners. Its simple to use and modular design allow for those with no experience in laser services to easily get started. These systems are ideal for engraving and cutting soft materials such as fabric, glass, wood, and stone. Roughly the size of a printer this device is perfect for those with limited space seeking sophisticated laser processing.

VLS Platforms

The VLS Platform series is a freestanding laser that offers higher power and larger work areas than that of its desktop counterpart. With this higher power, it can engrave and cut an even larger list of materials. 

PLS Systems

The PLS platforms offer higher power and larger work areas than that of the VLS systems and are great for those seeking higher level processing. With 150% more power than the VLS platforms and an on board display this system is great for those with higher demand than a VLS can keep up with. 

ILS Systems

The ILS is the largest system offered by Universal, with up to twice the size of the VLS or PLS platforms. With the option for pass through processing objects of any length are possible. With features like an automation interface, this system is perfect for those seeking to process not just large materials, but large amounts. 

ULTRA Systems

The ULTRA is designed for the largest possible variety of material processing, and stands out in precision processing, research and development, academic research, as well as prototyping. Not only does the ULTRA have a modular design for customization, it was also designed for scalability of your business. 

XLS Systems

The XLS series is the first to combine multiple laser wavelengths and power levels into a single coaxial beam. With this and other advanced technologies, the XLS can process notoriously difficult multi-layered materials with conductive and non-conductive layers. The unique capabilities of the XLS makes the ideal system for materials research and development as well as rapid prototyping.