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Formed by combining different materials, such as Carbon Fiber, Corian, Brick

Natural and synthetic rubber materials, such as Viton and Latex Rubber

Formed as bubbles expand creating air pockets, such as Styrofoam

Glass & Ceramics
Hard, rigid, and brittle materials, such as Glazed Tile and Soda Lime Glass

Malleable materials that have an indefinite amount of uses, such as Iron and Steel

Natural Inorganic
Naturally occurring non living items, such as Gemstones, Shells, Stone

Natural Organic
Naturally occurring living items, such as Leather and all kinds of Wood. 

Paper Based
Thin sheets of wood pulp or other fibrous materials, such as Copy Paper.

Material that is used to form nearly any shape, such as ABS, Plexiglas, Teflon

Textiles & Fabrics
Fibers are woven together to create a material, such as Kevlar, Nylon, Fleece

Composite Samples

Elastomer Samples

Foam Samples

Glass and Ceramic Samples

Metal Samples

Natural Inorganic Samples

Natural Organic Samples

Paper Based Samples

Plastic Samples

Textile and Fabric Samples