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Deep Engraving = 0.003"+ Engraving Depth

Deep engraving is used for Firearm Serialization to meet Engraving Specifications (NFA) and other engraving requirements. In some cases, the post-processing plays a roll as well. An example would be deep engraving on an aluminum piece prior to anodizing for a more subtle engraving look. Anodized pieces that are Hard Anodized require deep engraving. If a piece will be subject to heavy wear in an industrial setting, deep engraving may be preferred as well.

Our minimum engraving charge of $45.00 apply to deep engraving depending on the artwork size, content, and laser time.

XRing Serializing
Titanium Deep Engraving Sample 1
Deep Titanium Engraving

Just Have 1 Item to Deep Engrave?