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It's Important to Service Your Laser System Every 1-2 Years of Use! Your Laser System Needs Serviced! Tuned! Maintained! Why?

My Laser Needs Serviced Regularly Because?

  • Consumable Parts Ware Over Time (Belts, Bearings, Idler Pulleys, Drive Gears, etc.) Creating Excess Ware.
  • As Wear Occurs, your Engraving and Cutting Quality and Performance Diminish.
  • As Consumable Parts Wear, they Strain other Critical Components like Motors/Drive System.
  • When other Critical Components are Strained this Creates a Shorter Lifecycle for these Parts.
  • In Turn, These Critical Components Like Motors, Drive System, Sensors, etc. are More Costly to Replace. ​

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

When your Business or Organizational Program Depends on Your Laser Operating at Peak Performance, You Need Your Laser Serviced on a Regular Schedule!

Laser Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service Includes:

  • Universal Laser Systems Certified Technician Offers Assessment of Laser System Condition and Components Needing Replaced
  • Deep Cleaning of Laser Motion System and Cabinet
  • Rebuild of X-Axis Components: Belt, Bearings (Wheels), Idler Pulley, and Drive Gear
  • Rebuild of Y-Axis Components: Belts, Bearings (Wheels), Idler Pulleys, and Drive Gears
  • Laser Power Test
  • Beam Alignment
  • Engraving Table Alignment
  • Cutting Table Alignment
  • Ruler Alignment
  • Lead Screw Cleaning and Lubrication
  • Exhaust Filter Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting Quality/Operational Concerns, Etc.
  • Final Operational Testing to Confirm System Performance and Customer Validation
  • Recommendations as to Additional Parts Needing Replaced in the Future

Laser Service Call Budgeting:


  • $60.00/hour for Service
  • $40.00/hour Travel Time Portal-Portal*
  • $200 Per-Diem (lodging, meals, etc.)**
  • Estimated Service Time Per System: 2-4 Hours (Depending on Condition)

* Shared Trips Available for Additional Travel and Per-Diem Savings!

**Only Applies for service outside of the greater Boise, ID area

Parts Estimate for PM X-Axis and Y-Axis Rebuild:

  • VLS/PLS/M/V (24″x12″ Table): $750.00
  • VLS/PLS/M/V (24″x18″ Table): $775.00
  • VLS/PLS/PLS6MW/M/V/X (32″x18″ Table): $780.00
  • ILS9 (36″x24″ Table): Request Quote
  • ILS12 (48″x24″ Table): Request Quote
  • Additional Systems: Call for Details and Quote

PM Service Estimates Typically Range from $1,000.00 - $1,500.00 for those Outside of the Boise, ID Area Depending on Travel and Scope of Service for Reference.

Together We Can Help Ensure Your Laser is Operating at Peak Performance for Decades to Come!