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Currently Available Renewed Laser Systems

We have been refurbishing and repairing laser systems for nearly 30-years and provide service to existing Universal Laser Systems, Inc. customers. We have experience not only in repairing laser systems; but reconditioning systems to nearly new condition.

Most of the systems we have available are from our exiting customers base, so we have an intimate knowledge of the systems and their history. Our customers that wish to have a larger system will trade-in their existing systems towards the purchase. We then go through a complete overhaul stripping the system down to the frame and rebuild with all OEM manufactured parts.

Our refurbished systems are an ideal opportunity for customers on a limited budget wishing to have a quality, reliable, USA manufactured laser system.

Import systems may have an attractive initial price; however, the quality, reliability, longevity, and dependability is much to be desired. We have customers with their Universal Laser Systems for over 20-years still in service. An import system may only last a couple years in contrast before major issues occur. Our customers that have started with import systems become very frustrated and many wish they would have saved their money for a quality USA manufactured laser system.

Each system come with our in-house training at no additional charge and our phone support is free for our customers.