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We have compiled several different user manuals for your convenience. If you need help understanding an element of your laser, please email or call us and we can generally help get you back on track within minutes.

We also provide on-site training and remote training services. Please call and we can schedule an appointment with one of our laser technicians.

ultra r5000 45 left front open on white


ULTRA R5000 User Manual (Coming Soon)

VLS Desktop 900 x 814

Currant Desktop Models: VLS2.30DT / VLS3.60DT

Discontinued Desktop Models: VLS2.30 / VLS3.50

VLS2.30DT / VLS2.30 User Manual
VLS3.60 DT / VLS3.50 User Manual



VLS Platform No Background

Currant VLS Platform Models: VLS3.75 / VLS4.75 / VLS6.75

Discontinued VLS PlatformModels: VLS3.60 / VLS4.60 / VLS6.60

VLS3.65 / VLS3.60 User Manual
VLS4.75 / VLS4.60 User Manual
VLS6.75 / VLS6.60 User Manual

PLS Platform No background

Currant PLS Models: PLS6.150D / PLS6.150D SuperSpeed

PLS6.150D/ PLS6.150D SuperSpeed User Manual

Discontinued PLS Models: PLS4.75 / PLS6.75 / PLS6MW

PLS4.75 User Manual
PLS6.75 User Manual
PLS6MW User Manual

UAC No Background

Adavnced Air Filtation Systems

UAC2000 User Manual
UAC4000 User Manual