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If you have multiple laser systems or have a high production flow and need to monitor your laser’s power output regularly this Macken Instruments, Inc. Digital Power Probe power meter is ideal. Having your own power meter helps with troubleshooting laser issues easier as well.


D1Y Digital Power Probe Kit

The D1Y Power Meter Kit: $792.00 + S/H

This D1Y power meter can be used for both CO2 and YAG/Fiber laser
cartridges/sources in a completely portable, easy-to-use calorimeter
type power meter.


Measurement Range for CO2 and YAG/Fiber Laser Source: 20-220 Watts

Kit Includes:

  • Made in the U.S.A

  • Digital Power Probe

  • D1Y Digital Power Probe Meter with USB and Computer Software Display

  • Hard Plastic Case

  • Certification of Calibration by Macken Instruments, Inc.


Wavelength Capabilities:

  • CO2 Laser Wavelength Range: 9 – 11 microns

  • YAG/Fiber Laser Wavelength Range: 0.4 – 9 microns

  • Accuracy is +/- 5%

  • Repeatability is +/- 1.5%


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Want some operational guidance, feel free to call us when you would like to run your first test and we can help you over the phone for proper testing operation.