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Refurbished X-660 (32"x18" Table) 25-watt OR 60-watt Options

Refurbished X-660 45-watt or 25-watt
Refurbished X-660 45-watt or 25-watt Inside

Option 1:

X-660, (32″x18″ Table) 25-Watt List Price: $25,548.00
X-660, (32″x18″ Table) 25-Watt Sale Price: 12,000.00

Laser System S/N: 16273
Laser System Mfg. Date: Jan. 2007
Laser Cartridge Mfg. Date: Dec. 2017 (Testing over 29-Watts)

Option 2:

X-660, (32″x18″ Table) 60-watt List Price: $32,898.00
X-660, (24″x18″ Table) 60-Watt Sale Price: $16,000.00

Laser System S/N: 16273
Laser System Mfg. Date: Jan. 2007
Laser Cartridge Mfg. Date: August 2020 (Testing 80-watts with 1-year Warranty)


This system is highly desirable for multi-system cutting/engraving production environments and can cut thin soft materials up to about 1/8” thick (acrylic, soft woods, etc.) with the 25-watt option or about 3/4” thick materials with the 60-watt that is current testing at 80-watts!

Offering 32″ X 18″ engraving area. This system is in very good condition.

Additional Accessories:

* Installation of Air Assist at HLT's Facility: $1,430.00.
* New Downdraft Cutting Table, 32"x18", List Price: $1,340.00 + Shipping/Handling.
* New Rotary Fixture, Compatible with All Legacy Systems (M/V/X), List Price: $1,715.00 + Shipping/Handling.

Note: If cutting any thickness of acrylics or other materials over 1/8" Air Assist with Optics Protection is necessary along with a Downdraft Cutting Table.

All Refurbished Laser systems come with complimentary 4-6 hours initial training at HLT's facility. Local customers can arrange additional training sessions as needed.

Deposit needed to reserve/hold the laser system and Balance due prior to the laser system leaving HLT's facility. HLT can work with a variety of leasing and financing companies, just let us know your financing preference. If you would like referrals to lending companies we've worked with just let us know.