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Refurbished VL-200 Desktop (16"x12" Table) 10-watt

VL 200 Front and Side
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VL 200 Top

Refurbished VL-200 Desktop

The cartridge was replaced in 2019!

VL-200, (16″x12″ Table) 10-Watt with Downdraft Cutting Table List Price: Over $14,000
VL-200 Desktop, (16″x12″ Table) 10-Watt Sale Price: 3,500.00

Laser System S/N: 14846
Laser System Mfg. Date: June 2006
Laser Cartridge Mfg. Date: Nov. 2019


This system is configured primarily for an engraving environment and can cut thin soft materials less than 1/8” thick (acrylic, soft woods, etc.) with the 25-watt cartridge. The cartridge was replaced in 2019!

This system was purchased new by one of our customers for light production applications and has remained in a steady temperature controlled environment. We have the service records for this system since installation. Previous user needed to focus their production on their larger laser system for their needs.

Offering 16″ X 12″ engraving area. This system is in very good condition.