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Sold: Refurbished M-20 (24"x12" Table) 25-watt

Sold Stamp
M 20 Front
Sold Stamp

Sold: Refurbished M-20

The cartridge was replaced in 2016!

M-30, (24″x12″ Table) 25-Watt List Price: Over $20,000
M-30, (24″x12″ Table) 25-Watt

Laser System S/N: 4468
Laser System Mfg. Date: July 1999
Laser Cartridge Mfg. Date: Mar. 2016


This system is configured primarily for an engraving environment and can cut thin soft materials up to about 1/8” thick (acrylic, soft woods, etc.) with the 25-watt cartridge. The cartridge was replaced in 2016! This system was purchased new by one of our educational customers for student applications and remained in a steady temperature controlled environment. We have all the service records for this system since installation. Existing user upgraded to a new system.

Offering 24″ X 12″ engraving area. This system is in very good condition.

Note: If cutting any thickness of acrylics or other materials over 1/8” Air Assist with Optics Protection is necessary along with a Downdraft Cutting Table.

Installation of Air Assist and Carriage at HLT’s Facility: $1,430

Downdraft Cutting Table: $1,050