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Laser Engraving Metal with Fiber Laser

Anodized Aluminum Fiber Laser Engraving

Anodized Aluminum Deep Fiber Laser Engraving

Bare Aluminum Fiber Laser Engraving-Black Contrast

Bare Aluminum Fiber Laser Engraving-White Contrast

Stainless Steel Fiber Laser Engraving

Stainless Steel Deep Fiber Laser Engraving

Titanium Fiber Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving Other Materials with Fiber Laser

ABS Plastic Fiber Laser Engraving

Delrin (Acetal) Fiber Laser Engraving

Polyurethane Fiber Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving Other Materials with CO2 Laser

Acrylic CO2 Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the removal of material from the top surface down to a specified depth.

HLT’s Unique Engraving Services

  • Unique Capabilities to the Western U.S.A!
  • High Quality Results!
  • Fully Equipped Facility to Fit a Wide Range of Laser Applications!
  • Short Lead Times–Generally 24-48 hours or Less Turn-Around!
  • Competitive Pricing!
  • Excellent Customer Service!

  • A wide selection of materials can be laser engraved from organic to inorganic materials.
  • Our minimum engraving charge of $45.00 applies to engraving projects depending on the artwork size, content, and laser time. Scheduling is required, please call for availability.
  • Payment Due at Time of Service.

Do you Have Multiple Pieces to Engrave on a Regular Manufacturing Schedule?

Just have 1 or a few pieces needing engraved? Please call for Scheduling!

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