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Laser Equipment Technician

Urgent Need!

Does this sound like you?...

– Do you have a strong IT Support background? 

– Would you like to learn laser engraving, marking, and cutting? 

– Are you Ready to learn and service laser engraving equipment? 

– Are you Looking to travel around Idaho and the surrounding states servicing laser equipment?


If yes, then you're in the right place!

Highlight Technologies, Inc. is seeking a Laser Equipment Technician to join our team. Previous graphic design and/or CorelDraw Graphic Suite experience a plus, but not necessary–training is provided. Must have a strong IT background (support/troubleshooting, networking, etc.). The Laser Technician would be working in various areas of the business, so days are rarely the same. 
Job Overview of Main Duties:
  • Operating laser systems for engraving, marking, and cutting laser services including programming, setup, etc.
  • Designing part fixtures for laser services
  • Providing remote and onsite customer support and technical assistance to laser customers
  • Traveling around Idaho and the surrounding states to customer’s facilities to service laser equipment and offer training
  • Rebuild trade-in laser equipment
  • Managing parts inventory, etc.

If you are interested in technology, working with lasers, and would like to travel around ID, UT, MT, OR, WY, CO, etc. this could be a great fit!

Company Overview

Highlight Technologies, Inc. offers a variety of laser engraving, marking, and cutting services in our Nampa, ID facility. We also sell and service laser systems throughout Idaho and the surrounding states as well as offer replacement laser parts, materials, and marking compound to our laser customers around the country. Highlight Technologies, Inc. has subsidiaries as well with laser product design tools sold worldwide. We have nearly 40-years’ experience in the laser material processing industry. Industries served: Aerospace, Electronics Industry, Firearms, Machine Shops, Medical, Munitions, Small Craft Corporations, US Government, plus many more.

Additional Specifications

Education Level:
High School Graduate or GED and above preferred; however, a college degree is not required for this role.
Previous customer service experience preferred. Previous laser operating and CorelDraw
Graphic Suite experience a plus, but not required.
Physical Abilities:
• Must be able to handle packages/products 70+ pounds.
• Must be able to stand/sit for multiple hours at a time.
• Must have good vision and depth perception.
Personal Characteristics:
• Self-starter—willing to do what needs to be done without management telling you.
• Ambitious—driven to succeed and pick up the balls that may get dropped (things that need completed).
• Approachable/Cooperative—works well with others.
• Articulate—speaks clearly and succinctly to team members and customers.
• Attentive—staying alert and observant to prevent error/injury while working.
• Calm/Patient—remaining levelheaded in a crisis or dealing with volatile customers.
• Cheerful/Friendly—offering a positive and pleasant interaction with customers and team members.
• Common Sense—reason through problems for an efficient solution.
• Courteous—respectful towards team members and customers.
• Determined—self-motivated to follow-through on assignments.
• Dependable/Accountable/Responsible—able to be relied on and trustworthy by doing the right thing without supervision.
• Diligent—do your best with your task assignments.
• Efficient—committed to completing tasks timely and always looking to improve processes.
• Honest—value integrity and will tell management if an error occurred and will not hide operator/machine issues.
• Organized—keeping a tidy work area and placing tools in their place.
• Meticulous—paying attention to the small details.
• Punctual—coming to work on time and prepared to work.
• Resourceful—capable of solving problems promptly.
Job Type
Full-Time commitment, 40+ hours per week. Please be aware training can take a number of months; therefore, preference would be to applicants willing to stay with the company for a minimum of 1-2 years.
$16-$18+/hr., Plus Bonuses Based on Performance.
Highlight Technologies, Inc. Employment Details
• All team members must be legally able to work in the U.S.
• All team members must review and sign company handbook (policies, practices, and procedures).
• All team members must sign Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete forms.
• All team members receive a 30-minute lunch period daily for a full 8-hours of work.
• All new team members are hired on a 90-day trial period to confirm appropriate fit for both parties.
Applicants need to complete our job application and provide a Resume to apply to open positions. An Interview would be scheduled upon company review of applicant documents.

Laser Technician Responsibilities & Duties

Responsibilities and Duties would include, but not limited to the following:
• Design and create laser production fixtures as needed.*
• Program new jobs for laser work (artwork layout, logo preparation, etc.).*
• Setup production laser work.
• Operate a variety of laser systems to process customer’s parts (engraving, marking, or cutting).
• Prepare and cut materials using laser cutting systems.
• Load and unload parts as needed in laser systems.
• Continually optimizing workflow processes.
• Daily assessing most efficient processing flow.
• Clean and assemble products as required.
• Monitor and maintain laser equipment.
• Verify inventory of parts laser processed for billing.
• Offer remote laser customer service/troubleshooting for laser customers and software customers.*
• Travel to laser customer’s facilities using company vehicle to install new laser systems and service existing laser equipment periodically.*
• Manages service parts inventory to ensure sufficient parts for service calls.
• Rebuild trade-in laser systems for resale.*
• Troubleshoot computer/communication issues with laser equipment both in-house and customer’s systems.*
• Record laser service call equipment testing results per customer’s account.
• Evaluate laser software upgrades/perform testing.
• Clean work areas as needed.
• Read/understand part drawings.
• Training new laser users.*
• Offering laser demonstrations.*
• Fulfill laser replacement parts and consumables orders, and more.
• Help in other business areas as needed.
*Note: After training period and management supervision.


• Need to report to work on time and be ready to work each day.
• Need to be able to work Mon. – Fri. and occasionally overtime as needed.
• Available to work on Saturdays as needed.
• Basic computer skills including Microsoft Office and attention to details.
• High School Diploma or equivalent preferred, but not required.
• Valid Driver’s License.
• Reliable transportation.

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