Training and Class Offerings
Highlight Technologies, Inc. offers a wide variety of training formats for the products that we sell. If you purchased your laser from another company, we still offer classes for you too. We have been offering Laser Seminars for years however we have refined our training programs to primarily one format that seems to work the best for giving you the most for your time and money.
LASER Training
  VersaLaser - If you would like to learn more about your laser Versa system or if you would like
to be able to process materials that you have little experience with, this class will be the best for you.
  Universal Laser Platform Series - This class is directed toward owners that own a Legacy Platform laser system. If you own a M-360, V-460 or X-660, this system is for you. If you own an older system but not sure how to use or maintain it, you might consider having us do some train in conjunction with a service call.
  Software -Highlight Technologies, Inc. offers the largest selection of
CorelDRAW classes for the laser owner

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