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Thermark / Cermark
Thermark introduction
How It Works
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Why Thermark
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Spare Parts
ULS Laser Parts
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Laser Supplies  

Consumer Production
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Laser Accessories
Accessories List
Back Sweep Option
Coaxial Air Assist
Coaxial Air Assist - Non Comp
Computer Air Compressor
Cart Stand
Dual Head Optics
Focus Lens Kit
Honeycomb Cutting Table
HPDFO Optics
Integrated Cart
Laser Cartridges
Mechanical Benefits
Print Driver
ULS Bearings
ULS Belt
ULS Optics
ULS Focus Tool
ULS Laser Parts
TBH Fume Extraction and Filtration

Engraving Samples
Laser Samples
Architectural Models
ADA Braille
Art, Hobbies & Crafts
Ceramic and Stone
Industrial Samples
General Samples
Personalized Jewelry
Rotary Fixture Sample
Signage & Badges
Scrapbooking and Paper

CorelDRAW Downloads
Vector Art Mega Collections
BoxIt Suite
ArtWelder Ornament Design Themes
Laser Jump Start Volume I
Laser Jump Start Volume II
Laser Jump Start Volume III
Laser Jump Start Volume IV
1-Touch Laser Photo
NameIt+NumberIt+BatchIt Product Manual

Manual for all VLS, PLS & ILS
ULS User Guide (.pdf 79,903kb)

Reference Materials
Materials Suppliers List (.doc 142kb)

Developing Laser Markets (.doc 29kb)

Exhaust Blower Selection Chart (.xls 40kb)

Exhaust Blower installation(.doc 3128kb)

Understanding Lens Selection (.pdf 347kb)

Creating 3D in Corel Draw (.pdf 836kb)
Computerized Controls (.pdf 125kb)
Standard Inlay basics (.pdf 125kb)
Reverse Inlay Steps (.pdf 825kb)
Adobe Illustrator Use (.pdf 23kb)

Using 1-Touch Laser Photo (.pdf 2652kb)

Corel Draw X3 Tutorial (.pdf 5747kb)

Solidworks Recomendations (.doc 24kb)

AutoCad for Lasers (.doc 114kb)

AutoCad for Versalaser (.doc 66kb)

Engraving Photos (.pdf 6493kb)

Engraving on glass(.pdf 75kb)

Create ADA Signage(.pdf 5747kb)
Create Dimensional Signage(.pdf 4736kb)
Create a Multi-Layer Aplique(.pdf 5168kb)
Create a Puzzle(.pdf 3159kb)
Create a 3D Sculpture(.pdf 2953kb)
Create a Multi-Tile Mural(.pdf 4131kb)
Engrave & Cut Synthetic Suede(.pdf 3803kb)
Color Fill on Glass(.pdf 4298kb)
Color Fill on Acrylic(.pdf 4287kb)
3D Images in CorelDRAW(.pdf 3298kb)
3D Sign Tutorial(.pdf 4722kb)
Acrylic Color fill(.pdf 4307kb)
ADA Signage v 1.2(.pdf 5798kb)
ADA Tutorial(.pdf 1524kb)
Applique Application Tip(.pdf 5134kb)
Brick Tip Sheet(.pdf 3661kb)
Choosing the right Laser lens(.pdf 9713kb)
CorelDraw X8 Setup(.pdf 205kb)
CorelDRAW Multi-Tile(.pdf 4095kb)
Creating cut paths around a photo(.pdf 2541kb)
Cubes(.zip 773kb)
Glass & Crystal Tip Sheet-Updated-(.pdf 2728kb)
Glass-Crystal Tip sheet v1.3(.pdf 2823kb)
Gold Leaf and Laser Tip Sheet(.pdf 4386kb)
Laser Foil Tip Sheet(.pdf 2877kb)
Metal Marking Tip Sheet(.pdf 3037kb)
Multi-Tile Murals using CorelDRAW(.pdf 4119kb)
Photo Engraving Tips(.pdf 534kb)
Pillow & Synthetic Suade tutorial(.pdf 3804kb)
Processing Guide - Glass(.pdf 881kb)
Processing guide - Color(.pdf 1262kb)
Processing Guide - Metal(.pdf 1320kb)
Processing Guide - Polycarbonate(.pdf 650 kb)
Processing Guide - Stainless Steel(.pdf 1464kb)
Puzzle Tutorial(.pdf 3379kb)
Rubber Stamps and Lasers(.pdf 1192kb)
Stahls CAD Cutting Tip Sheet(.pdf 1121kb)
Acrylic color Tutorial(.pdf 4287kb)
Pillow Tutorial(.pdf 3803kb)
Color Fill Wood With Powder Paint(.pdf 2030kb)
Engraving Bricks(.pdf 1172kb)

Application Tips
Fabric (.pdf 5132kb)
Corel Draw Multi - Tile Murals (.pdf 4095kb)
Marble (.pdf 5152kb)
Photo Sculpture(.pdf 2541kb)

3 Dimensional Sign Tutorial (.pdf 5747kb)

ADA Braille in Corel Draw X3(.pdf 4857kb)

Software Setup Files
Adobe Illustrator CS Windows 2000(.pdf 40kb)
Adobe Illustrator CS3 with ULS(.pdf 40kb)
AutoCAD 14, 15 and AutoCAD LT 19, 20(.pdf 54kb)
AutoCAD 2000i Win XP 2000 (.pdf 52kb)
AutoCAD 2005 and 2006 Win XP(.pdf 67kb)

AutoCAD 2005 Versalaser (.pdf 65kb)

AutoCAD 2005 Win XP (.pdf 67kb)

AutoCAD set up for Dual Head (.pdf 27kb)

Corel 8 Win 98 (.pdf 55kb)

Corel 9 Win 98 (.pdf 65kb)

Corel 9 Win XP_2000 (.pdf 51kb)

Corel 10 Win XP_2000(.pdf 52kb)

Corel 11 Win 98 (.pdf 56kb)

Corel 11 Win XP_2000 (.pdf 21kb)

Corel 12 Win XP_2000 (.pdf 57kb)

Corel X3 Win XP_2000 (.pdf 516kb)

Corel X4 Setup Instructions (.pdf 56kb)
Corel X5 Setup Instructions (.pdf 9.3kb)
Dual Head Using ACAD(.pdf 39kb)

Owners Manuals
VLS 3.6, 4.6, 6.6 (.pdf 11946kb)
ILS (.pdf 5888kb)

M360_& V460 (.pdf 4200kb)

ULS 25-50 PS (.pdf 1932kb)

ULS 25E (.pdf 2792kb)

ULS 1720 (.pdf 414kb)

ULS 1750 (.pdf 375kb)

C200 (.pdf 2841kb)

M-300 (.pdf 1348kb)

M Class (.pdf 253kb)

X-660 and X2-660 (.pdf 2853kb)

ULS 25 (.pdf 469kb)

V Class(.pdf 2971kb)

VL 200 & 300(.pdf 1533kb)

X-650 Yag (.pdf 511kb)

PLS Owners Manual
Part 1 (.pdf 129kb)
Part 2 (.pdf 364kb)
Part 3 (.pdf 1727kb)
Part 4 (.pdf 1374kb)

Part 5 (.pdf 10419kb)

Part 6 (.pdf 1225kb)

Part 7 (.pdf 2747kb)

Part 8 (.pdf 429kb)

Part 9 (.pdf 4855kb)

Part 10 (.pdf 1984kb)

VL-200 & VL-300 Manual
Part 1 (.pdf 61kb)
Part 2 (.pdf 226kb)
Part 3 (.pdf 125kb)
Part 4 (.pdf 226kb)

Part 5 (.pdf 343kb)

Part 6 (.pdf 610kb)

VLS Desktop 2.30 & 3.50
Part 1 (.pdf 111kb)
Part 2 (.pdf 5633kb)
Part 3 (.pdf 6913kb)
Part 4 (.pdf 887kb)

Part 5 (.pdf 2195kb)

Part 6 (.pdf 5772kb)

Part 7 (.pdf 12179kb)

VLS Platform 3.60, 4.60 & 6.60
Installation and Setup (.pdf 1437kb)
Safety Manual (.pdf 644kb)

Part 1 (.pdf 44kb)
Part 2 (.pdf 228kb)
Part 3 (.pdf 1258kb)
Part 4 (.pdf 636kb)
Part 5 (.pdf 83kb)
Part 6 (.pdf 710kb)

Part 7 (.pdf 231kb)

Part 8 (.pdf 507kb)

Part 9 (.pdf 55kb)

Part 10 (.pdf 75kb)


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