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Highlight Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 546,
Nampa, Idaho 83653-0546
Shipping Address: Highlight Technologies, Inc.
6 South Middleton Rd.
Nampa, Idaho 83651-7608
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Mission Statement
Provide the highest quality engraving and laser services for our customers in a timely manner and to provide our
customers with honest recommendations for the least costly and most efficient laser materials processing
equipment, support and personalized training.

Company Information
The owner, Ron Blake, started in laser materials processing in 1982 when he worked as an Engineer for
Lockheed Martin in Denver, Colorado. He become nationally recognized in the field and published a
number of technical papers on the subject. When Mr. Blake advanced to Chief Engineer of Advanced
Manufacturing Technology Department, he decided to start his laser business and left the corporate world
in 1993. He teamed up with a couple of other innovative companies and won a research contract with DARPA
that ultimately launched Highlight Technologies Inc. Highlight Technologies has been providing the laser and engraving industry with high quality engraving machines, products and services since 1993. Highlight Technologies is one of the
leading laser distributors in the American Northwest. Highlight Technologies distributes Universal Lasers, VersaLaser and a variety of other industrial laser systems including EO Technics Nd:YAG laser systems. We also specialize in production services. With well over 25 years experience in the laser industry, we can take your production needs to the next level of high quality laser engraving that will meet Mil-Std-130 requirements and all medical parts engraving requirements.
With our main office located in Nampa, Idaho as well as a satellite demonstration site in Murray, Utah, we are able to
meet our customers' needs. Please give us a call and we will schedule a demonstration for a time that is convenient for

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Highlight Technologies, Inc. is located at 6 South Middleton Rd. Nampa, Idaho 83651- 7608.
For more information, call us at 442-0755.
Nampa Idaho
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